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How to create an online store in 8 steps and 6 tips

Online sales are big business, but selling is not easy, either online or through traditional markets, therefore, consider two questions: Is that a good idea? Are you looking forward to autoemprender? If your ideal image plus entrepreneurs including dealing with others and the ability to negotiate with suppliers and manufacturers, and meet the essential requirements to start a business selling online.
Are you new to the industry, if you have a small business or if you want is to sell your own products online. The main advantage of e-commerce is the low investment required compared to traditional markets, along with LanceTalent can rely on freelance work you need to start your business. The questions that have to be started surgirte say eight steps to follow:
1 Choose between selling your own products or other products
The Internet has made it easier to get in touch with manufacturers and designers who can turn your ideas into reality. The idea to create their own products that solve existing problems, although a priori seem irrelevant, can be more valuable than you expect. For example, John Gallagher created an original game board, Wildcraft, because he said he was disappointed with table games available to play in nature with your child. Thanks to gaming sites, has sold about 30,000 copies. Profit from selling your own products? You will not have to struggle with the question of how to make products that are different from others. The downside? It would be difficult to find producers who want to make.
Another option is to sell existing products but offers something different in front of your competitors. Usually differ in price. In this case all in the hands of a good negotiator who will not rest until the best deal with the supplier. However, this has a big risk and it can be very difficult to compete with stores like Amazon. The ideal is to focus on a smaller audience that fit a certain lifestyle.
2 Create brand: the name and domain of your online store
They may look like just a few words, but it is the key to the good functioning of your business and you must devote the time you deserve. Remember four important features that should have both the domain and brand names: descriptive, clear, easy to write and easy to memorize.
We recommend various domain registrars:

3 Choose a hosting company
Hosting is used to store the files that make up a website. The better the server more benefits for your visitors as they will have more features and a better response on your website. Therefore, even if it involves a small investment do not be afraid, find a professional who will offer quality hosting and warranty. In Lance Talent also you find the best freelancers that will facilitate the process.
Remember that the slow pace in the online store you will not only cause fatigue and leaving the user, but Google also penalize pages by sending them to the bottom of the search results. Do not play!
4 Select Dropshipper guarantee
As I mentioned in a previous post, after responding to a question about what and where to sell, the process for creating a kind of micro-enterprises is limited to logistics and positioning mechanism. They must meet customer expectations, and that means of offering unique products, to ensure that the order reaches your hands on time and undamaged. And here comes in the dropshipper, a new type of e-commerce which is increasingly fashionable, especially in stores that use eBay as a platform.
Simple operation, this is our wholesale or distributor directly send the products our customers have purchased at our online store for your home.
5 Select a CMS for your website
A good CMS (Content Management System) will greatly facilitate things. If you have selected a professional freelance so that you make the website should also be the one to judge what CMS is best suited for your project. To do this we have to consider aspects such as: the requirements and needs of customers, management, accessibility and usability, SEO optimization and increase efficiency in the time commitment.
Among the best free CMS Drupal, Joomla and WordPress. The latter is usually the best choice if the project meets the requirements to perform. WordPress will help us a lot when starting SEO work on this project and make business online sales we reached the top position in the search engines.
We also recommend PrestaShop as an alternative to meet the expectations of small business: user and set up shop with everything needed to quickly. It is always important to choose a design template that is interesting and useful to your needs.
6 Choose a payment system
The idea is to offer customers all the possible means of payment. However, there are three indispensable:

Paypal: For those who do not always have to hand over bank cards is perfect and does not have a Paypal now means lost sales.
Bank transfer: A method that is widely used in our country, because of the distrust that many people still have to enter their bank details online. This is a simple movement of funds between the buyer and the company.
Bank Cards: The most used to pay for online shopping option is a credit card or debit card. Almost all banks in the country offer a virtual POS that we can include in our shop to process payments with bank cards. They have a very low cost.
COD is also advisable to catch a group of suspicious customers with e-commerce.
7 Create a blog and social profiles
It is important to begin to attract traffic to the online store since it was launched. The creation of a blog that speaks this sector would facilitate building a community around our business. Additionally, it will help in promoting the products and fidelizar√° users. Obviously a good blog is useless if you do not work on the dissemination of content via social networks. Note that your main goal is to sell, and sell unique showcase for available networks.
Lance Talent You can find freelance talent that you need to write your blog content startup. Besides Here you will find the main movement in the strategy will be very useful content.
8 Create an online advertising and marketing
Make an online store and upload it to the internet is just the beginning. What is important now is to begin the long process of search engine optimization, online marketing, social media ... We do not get tired of repeating how important it is to publicize your business through professional freelance or many free tools available online.
Monitoring campaigns should be every day and constantly to give us know what benefits and what to avoid. It also should always envisioned a plan to avoid losses.
It's important to start advertising on Google search results via Adwords. If you also want to know the key of a good SEO strategy to increase your sales you also have in this post.

6 Tips for successful online selling
Now that you have the steps to start your online sales business, we reveal some of the tricks to succeed:
1. Always have a differential value: price, special features, the product is only available on the internet ...2. Make a good internal program to make the site attractive, do not think about you, but in your prototype client.3. Complete Perfect "About us" on our website, the client has to know everything about the company, workers and products. Further contact details should also be very present.4. Design of post-sales service that builds trust and reliability, and to keep regular is cheaper than hiring new ones.5. Offering the maximum possible payment methods.6. A description of the company's products with high quality photos for unsuspecting customers but can not touch.



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